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Besti monk fruit sweeteners

Besti natural sugar replacements taste, bake, brown, and dissolve just like sugar.

They replace sugar 1-to-1, but have zero calories, zero net carbs, and zero glycemic index.

$55.80 $45.80

Get $10 Off All 4 Besti Monk Fruit Sweeteners

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Our customers love their new “besti”…

“This is the best monk fruit sweetener I have used!”
Gail S.
“I decided to sprinkle a little powdered Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener with Erythritol over the top of my Keto Brownies for a little added sweetness. WOW! This made a world of difference to my Brownies! I am super sold on this product. It tastes just like powdered sugar. There’s no funny taste. It’s quite refreshing and makes this new to Keto dessert maker more motivated to continue on! Thank you Wholesome Yum!”
Robin S.
I love your sweeteners! My niece made us some brownies using Besti Monk Fruit Allulose Blend and they were amazing! I’ll definitely buy these regularly.”
Sonia R.
“There are NO WORDS to describe how WONDERFUL this product is! SO, SO AWESOME!! NO AFTERTASTE AT ALL! I’m pretty PICKY! This has truly changed my sugar consumption. I will NEVER EVER use sugar again in this lifetime! This is a MUST HAVE in your kitchen.”
Lisa T.
“This is my first time using allulose but I was impressed. I got the Monk Fruit and Allulose Blend. So far I have made ice cream, waffles, put it in my latte and made some awesome caramel sauce. I personally like the taste of this blend better than another brand of monk fruit and erythritol that I have tried.
“Granulated Besti is the bestest. This sweetener not only tastes like sugar, it feels like sugar. I love cinnamon toast with granulated sugar for that subtle crunch. Textures are often missing on special diets. With Besti granulated my cinnamon toast is deliciously sweet and granulated. Try it. It’s worth the expense.”
Candace W.

Get $10 Off All 4 Besti Monk Fruit Sweeteners

You don’t have to give up sweets
if you’re cutting sugar or carbs…

With Besti, Make delicious sugar-free sweets like these:


Get $10 Off All 4 Besti Monk Fruit Sweeteners

If you’ve had enough with all the keto sweeteners that have a weird aftertaste or disappointing baking results

It’s time to meet your besti…

Sweet like sugar – replaces sugar cup-for-cup!

Tastes like sugar – with no aftertaste!

Bakes like sugar

Dissolves like sugar

Browns like sugar

✅ Zero calories

✅ Zero grams net carbs

✅ Zero glycemic index

✅ Keto friendly – won’t kick you out of ketosis!

✅ Diabetic friendly – won’t spike blood sugar!

✅ Kid & pet friendly

✅ Tooth friendly

✅ Paleo friendly

✅ Vegan

✅ Non-GMO

Get $10 Off All 4 Besti Monk Fruit Sweeteners

How is besti different from other brands?

There are already other sugar replacements out there, so why choose this one? Here is why ours are better:

🧁 We have a unique Monk Fruit Allulose Blend – Our monk fruit sweetener with allulose is the first and only one of its kind. It replaces sugar cup-for-cup and tastes just like sugar, but even more amazing, it even bakes, dissolves, caramelizes and browns like sugar. We challenge you to do your own blind taste test with it!

🧁 We use the highest grade of Monk Fruit Extract – Our monk fruit extract is 50% mogroside V (that’s what makes it sweet), which is the highest grade out there. Other brands use 30% or 40%. This makes ours slightly sweeter and more importantly, gives it a superior taste without any aftertaste.

🧁 Our Erythritol is non-GMO – Many brands containing erythritol don’t specify whether it comes from non-GMO sources. All our products are guaranteed non-GMO.

🧁 Allulose acts like sugar because it’s in the sugar family – Most keto sugar replacements contain sugar alcohols or other fillers that vary in taste (we have erythritol in some of ours too!), but they don’t dissolve, brown or caramelize like sugar does. Our allulose acts just like sugar when you cook or bake with it, but still has 0 carbs.

🧁 Zero calories, zero net carbs, zero glycemic index, and zero aftertaste. That’s our promise to you with all our sweeteners, no matter which you choose.

Make the best baked goods with besti!

  • Use Besti monk fruit sweetener to replace granulated sugar in your favorite sweet baked goods, including muffins, cookies, cakes, pancakes, waffles, and more!
  • Use Besti powdered monk fruit sweetener to replace powdered sugar whenever you need a smooth texture, such as frostings, sauces, dressings, and more!
  • Try monk fruit with allulose for super soft texture, or monk fruit with erythritol for both crispy or soft.

Besti monk fruit sweeteners

$55.80 $45.80

Get $10 Off All 4 Besti Monk Fruit Sweeteners

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I’m confident that you’ll LOVE my Besti sweeteners! But if you give it a try and don’t like them, simply email us within 7 days and we’ll return your money. What do you have to lose?

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