Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Keto Honey Substitute

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Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Keto Honey Substitute

Meet Wholesome Yum Keto Honey Substitute: the perfect gooey blend of monk fruit extract, allulose, and tapioca fiber, with the rich flavor and consistency of honey. This natural sugar-free honey alternative tastes, bakes and drizzles just like honey does.

Enjoy it with a spoon, for topping, or for cooking! Wholesome Yum low carb honey replaces real honey 1-to-1, but has only 15 calories and 0g net carbs.

Package Size: 11 oz (312 g)

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What Is Wholesome Yum Keto Honey?

Wholesome Yum Keto Honey Substitute is a natural, keto friendly, sugar-free, and vegan honey replacement, all with the same flavor, smell, and consistency of real honey, without the carbs and calories. If you miss honey on keto, you don’t have to anymore.

It’s the perfect tablespoon-for-tablespoon sugar-free honey substitute and has:

✅ 15 calories

✅ Zero grams net carbs

✅ Zero glycemic index

What Ingredients Are In Wholesome Yum Keto Honey Substitute?

The main ingredients in our sugar-free honey substitute is Besti (our signature monk fruit allulose blend) in liquid form and liquid tapioca fiber.

Our monk fruit extract is the highest grade, with 50% Mogroside V and NO aftertaste. Allulose, a natural sugar that we can’t metabolize [*], makes it unique as well, because it tastes just like sugar. We added tapioca to give our low carb honey substitute the same gooey consistency and color of real honey.

And most importantly, we use real, natural honey flavor (extracted from actual honey!) so that our sugar-free honey alternative truly tastes like honey.

Why Use This Sugar-Free Honey?

So, what makes this the best keto honey substitute? It has all the benefits of using real honey…

Sweet like honey – replaces honey tablespoon-for-tablespoon!

Tastes like honey – with no aftertaste!

Gooey like honey

…But unlike honey, there is no blood sugar spike and crash, fat storage, tooth decay, or other negative effects of sugar.

What Does Wholesome Yum Keto Honey Substitute Taste Like?

Wholesome Yum low carb honey substitute tastes like honey! We spent over 6 months developing the formula to have the right flavor and gooey consistency, like real honey.

The allulose in it is in fact a rare type of sugar (minus the carbs and calories), the monk fruit extract increases sweetness, and the tapioca fiber gives it a gooey texture.

Is Honey Keto Friendly?

You may be wondering why you need a sugar-free honey for keto? Unfortunately, regular honey is not suitable for a low carb lifestyle (or even for people trying to reduce sugar). It’s basically liquid sugar.

That’s where Wholesome Yum Keto Honey Substitute comes in. Make the swap and you’ll feel the difference, but you won’t taste the difference!

In addition to taste and texture, our honey replacement ticks all the boxes:

Keto friendly – won’t kick you out of ketosis!

Diabetic friendly – won’t spike blood sugar!

Paleo friendly



Kid & pet friendly

Tooth friendly

Anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory [*, *]

Supports fat loss & stable blood sugar [*, *]

Does not cause GI distress – great alternative to sugar alcohols!

How To Use Our Sugar-Free Honey Substitute

Use our keto honey replacement to:

  • Replace honey in your favorite sweet recipes, including desserts, baked goods, glazes, sauces, and more.
  • Add to hot drinks, like tea or coffee.
  • Enjoy with a spoon — just like you would regular honey.
  • Top pancakes and waffles (We recommend pairing it with our keto pancake mix!)

Wholesome Yum Keto Honey Replacement


Keto honey substitute - front.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
excellent honey substitute!

I've tried a lot of keto 'substitutes' over the years. Some purchased, some homemade. Honey is one that has been difficult to recreate for me. Anyone who follows a keto diet consistently and closely understands that there is no "EXACT" replica of most of our previous 'treats'. HOWEVER- this allulose 'honey' comes as close to perfect as any substitute I've tried! I've found that if used in excess (like a whole tablespoon on a small slice of toast- yes, I've done that) it will give that SLIGHT aftertaste that some people experience. (I find it negligible) Remember also, that everyone's palate and 'expectation' of a product is a little different. (this is not honey- it's a GOOD 'substitute') I was so impressed with this product, I've ordered 2 more bottles. This will be a staple in my keto pantry! (I love it drizzled on my plain greek yogurt, on toast, with peanut butter, in Asian sauces, in homemade ketchup, on pork chops, in granola, to sweeten curries.. so many possibilities!!)

Mary C
Finally….we can eat “honey”

Huge thank you for this amazing product. I hesitated buying it thinking; how good could a “keto” honey product be? I went ahead and gave it a try given that we love your maple syrup. We were not disappointed. It is wonderful! We eat A LOT of plain Greek yogurt and my husband has a hard time getting it down. Now that he can put this honey on it, he’s in heaven! I’ve so missed adding a bit of honey to my tea so I am also in heaven with this product. Sometimes it’s just the little things in lifelike this that make a huge difference. Thank you so much!

The Best Honey That Isn't Honey

Fabulous substitute! Can not even tell it's not the real thing. Use it to make protein bars. Delicious!!

Marlo Waldrop

Fabulous substitute! Can not even tell it's not the real thing. Used on keto yogurt, keto granola, & to make homemade honey mustard. Absolutely delicious!

Not our favorite

We really had high hopes for this. We love all the other products, especially the Maple Syrup. My husband is a diabetic and misses honey. This has the consistency of honey and you get the flavor when initially putting it in your mouth. It then turns to a hint of horehound candy, which is fine with me, and ends on a bitter note that leaves a funny aftertaste. Neither one of us cared for it and had the same tasting experience. Don't think we'll be reordering this one.

Hi Charlene, Sorry to hear you didn't like it! We're always working hard to improve our products, so we'll see if there's anything we can do to make it better. Thank you for the honest feedback and we're really glad to hear you enjoy the other products. ~Maya

Melinda McFarland

My diabetic mom uses almost a tablespoon of honey in her coffee several times a day. I have started using this honey when I make her coffee. It has the same consistency as her regular Walmart brand honey, but it is paler in color. But she has not fussed about it. She says that her coffee tastes good. And she's not raising her blood sugar as high as before.

By FAR the BEST!

I've tried quite a few honey alternatives over the years. Some don't have the right consistency (too runny) and others just don't taste like honey (more maple like) so I was hesitant to try this one out. However, I have repurchased this one multiple times due to it being the perfect dupe! I love eating a nut butter and honey sandwich on psmf bread each evening so please please don't ever discontinue this!!

Yay! Honey I can feel good about using!

This honey has the consistency and taste I can enjoy with clean ingredients. I love it in my homemade salad dressings and with my nut butters.

Thomas W Stringfellow
So Good!!!

We ordered this hoping it would replace our beloved honey with at least a passing resemblance in taste and texture to the "real thing." I'll be honest, I was more than a little skeptical that it would measure up. Boy, was I excited when it arrived and I got my first taste - I can safely say I will never miss having honey in my tea, drizzled over my coffee, or any of the numerous ways I used it pre-keto. Thank you for such an awesome product that makes this sugar-free journey that much more enjoyable and sustainable long-term! We will definitely be ordering from now on!

Susan Perez
Better Than Real Honey!

I have always avoided honey because of the calories as well as the carbs. When I saw that Wholesome Yum offered a “honey” substitute I was interested. I really didn’t think that a honey substitute would taste like the real thing and was pleasantly surprised to find that Wholesome Yum “honey” is so very close to the real thing including texture and color as well as taste! I love using it in all the ways I would use real honey and definitely recommend it to all of those who would use honey if it didn’t have all of the carbs! Order this and enjoy! Thank you Wholesome Yum!