Besti Allulose Sweetener – Crystallized

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Besti Allulose Sweetener – Crystallized

Allulose is a natural sugar without the sugar spike. This keto sugar replacement tastes, bakes, browns, and dissolves just like sugar does, and produces very soft baked goods. Besti natural sweetener has zero calories, zero net carbs, and zero glycemic index.

Use crystallized allulose as a natural sugar-free sweetener in place of granulated sugar for cooking, baking and topping! Because allulose is 70% as sweet as sugar, you’ll need 1 1/3 cups allulose to replace each cup of sugar.

Package Size: 1 lb (454 g)

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What Is Allulose?

Allulose is a natural sugar that we can’t metabolize [*], which means it tastes and acts like sugar without spiking our blood sugar. Found in fruit, maple syrup and other plants, it’s 70% as sweet as sugar.

The name “allulose” sounds like glucose, fructose, lactose, and other sugar names, because it’s in the same family. But unlike these sugars, we can’t process allulose.

That means allulose has:

✅ Zero calories

✅ Zero grams net carbs

✅ Zero glycemic index

Allulose is the perfect natural sweetener and sugar replacement!

What Is Besti?

Besti is Wholesome Yum’s line of natural, sugar-free sweeteners – they are Nature’s Sugar Replacement. We carry premium, non-GMO pure erythritol and allulose, as well as our signature Besti monk fruit blends with erythritol or allulose, for easy 1:1 sugar alternatives in granulated and powdered form.

Why Use Allulose Sweetener?

Allulose is nature’s sugar replacement. It has all the benefits of using sugar…

Tastes like sugar – with no aftertaste!

Bakes like sugar

Dissolves like sugarunlike sugar alcohols!

Browns like sugarunlike most sweeteners!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Made With Besti Allulose Sweetener

…But unlike sugar, there is no blood sugar spike and crash, fat storage, tooth decay, or other negative effects of sugar.


What Does Allulose Taste Like?

Allulose tastes exactly like sugar, because it is in fact a rare type of sugar (minus the carbs and calories)! The only difference is it’s slightly less sweet. In fact, we challenge you to tell the difference between allulose and sugar in your own blind taste test.

Many sugar alternatives have a chemical or bitter aftertaste, but allulose does not. Unlike erythritol, it also does not have any cooling sensation.

Is Allulose A Good Sugar Replacement For Me?

Yes, allulose is a versatile natural sugar replacement for everyone! Whether you are trying to cut carbs, lose weight, or simply reducing sugar intake, allulose is an excellent sugar-free sweetener to use.

In addition to taste and texture, our allulose ticks all the boxes for a healthier sugar replacement:

Keto friendly – won’t kick you out of ketosis!

Diabetic friendly – won’t spike blood sugar!

Paleo friendly



Kid & pet friendly

Tooth friendly

Anti-inflammatory [*]

Supports fat loss [*]

Does not cause GI distress – great alternative to sugar alcohols!


How To Use Allulose Sugar-Free Sweetener

Use Besti allulose sweetener to replace granulated sugar in your favorite sweet recipes, including desserts, baked goods, drinks, sauces, and more!

It tastes, bakes, browns, and dissolves the same way sugar does.
Cup conversion for Besti sweetener

Crystallized allulose has a slightly finer consistency than granulated sugar, but you can still use it the same way you would use granulated sugar.

Allulose produces very soft baked goods, which is great for cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, and most other uses for a sugar replacement. Here are some alternatives for other uses:

Because allulose is 70% as sweet as sugar, you’ll need 1 1/3 cups allulose to replace each cup of sugar:

How To Choose The Best Sugar Replacement

Use the chart below to compare Besti sweeteners and choose the one that’s best for your needs, or get them all to have a sweetener for every occasion!

Monk Fruit Allulose Blend
Monk Fruit Erythritol Blend
Type Extract & rare sugar blend Extract & sugar alcohol blend Rare sugar Sugar alcohol
Sweetness 1:1 with sugar 1:1 with sugar 70% as sweet as sugar 70% as sweet as sugar
Tastes like sugar
Aftertaste None Possible mild cooling sensation None Possible mild cooling sensation
Bakes like sugar
Dissolves like sugar
Crisps up like sugar
Browns like sugar
Keto friendly
Sourced from plants
Best uses

Crystallized: Very soft or moist baked goods.


Powdered: Extra creamy frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Granulated: Crispy or soft baked goods.


Powdered: Frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Crystallized: Very soft or moist baked goods.


Powdered: Extra creamy frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Granulated: Crispy or soft baked goods.


Powdered: Frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Besti Allulose Sweetener – Crystallized

Besti Allulose Sweetener - Crystallized - Front

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Megan Mackin
BESTi for ice cream!

I have been making ice cream now for several months -- received an ice cream maker as a gift. I've tried many other sweeteners, but allulose is the absolute best for making scoopable ice cream. It works with every flavor -- I've made chocolate, strawberry, mocha (leftover morning coffee, cooled and added to mix), and mixed-berry, and every time I've used allulose as the sweetener, it's been a success.

I'm really happy with the variety of allulose products carried here, and the prices, too -- they are excellent. I look forward to trying other options, for ice cream and baking and more. The really great thing is that I'm a longtime diabetic, and this sweetener had made my BGs very happy! I'm a fan, for sure.

Sharon Howard
Peace of mind

When we found that monk fruit sweetener spiked my husband’s blood sugar, I decided to try the Allulose. I am so glad I did. It doesn’t spike him and tastes so good in all my baked goods. It blends so well, no crystals.

Hi Sharon, We're so glad you like our allulose! We also wanted to let you know, if you used another brand of monk fruit, it's almost always the filler in them (typically erythritol) that can cause spikes for some people. If you like monk fruit (and clearly you like allulose), you can also try our monk fruit with allulose here:

Joe Demauro

I used this as soon as it came in! Use it in my coffee, replaced my regular sugar which was hard to do for me in my coffee. Would love to see this in packets to carry with me. Hint hint

Long Island NY

Carie Williams
Best Fake Sugar ever!!!

This tastes so good in my baked items. It taste good in coffee and the best thing is that there is no horrible after taste.

Sue M.

Nature's Besti sugar replacement tastes and bakes just like traditional powdered sugar. I'm buying more right now.

Valerie Thompson
Ok but not great

I really wanted to love this product but it didn’t work as well as erythritol in our baking recipes. It does ok in coffee and the flavor is pleasant without being overly sweet.

Terry Proveau

I was really happy to be able to buy four bags of Besti Allulose on sale and have them delivered for free to my Canadian address near Niagara Falls. The first thing I made with the Besti Allulose was some chocolate ice cream and it turned out so much better and easier to scoop than using erythritol!
The second thing I made was the recipe on the bag from Besti, and almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is the first time I've been able to make a nice chewy cookie that is low carb and not made with peanut butter as the main ingredient!
Allulose seems to be a game changer so far and I look forward to doing some more baking with it in the near future!

Carrie Grantham

Always very happy with Besti products. I really like how it keeps baking moist and doesn't recrystallize.

The Best!

Newly diagnosed prediabetic, I realize I have a window to reverse that if I take action. My choice was to lose weight by using Ozempic to curb cravings, and modify my diet -- not by 'dieting' per se, but rather, by changing my eating habits to a new model that I could stick to for life. I have dieted, lost weight, rebounded, etc. I have succeeded with keto, then lost that battle. So, my conviction is to stick to a low carb diet, and cut sugar in an attempt to stabilize my blood sugar. This Besti crystallized is a life saver! It tastes soooo much like sugar without the penalties! Yes, it is perhaps 70% as sweet, but I even like that reduced sugary taste! Sometimes sugar can be too sweet!! I am thrilled at this discovery. Forget sucralose, aspartame, even stevia with its bitter after taste. Besti Allulose is the best. I didn't order enough on my first order....

Lanette Buss
Truly feels much more like real sugar

Baking is a must in my house and this product truly feels so much more like real sugar than any other sweetener I have ever found in stores.