Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Simple Syrup

Meet Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Simple Syrup: it’s the best keto simple syrup replacement, with 0 calories, 0 net carbs, and no aftertaste. Our skinny syrup is naturally sweetened with Besti (a blend of monk fruit and allulose). Use it to sweeten all your favorite drinks without the sugar!

Package Size: 12 fl oz (354 mL)


Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Simple Syrup

Meet Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Simple Syrup: it’s the best keto simple syrup replacement, with 0 calories, 0 net carbs, and no aftertaste. Our skinny syrup is naturally sweetened with Besti (a blend of monk fruit and allulose). Use it to sweeten all your favorite drinks without the sugar!

Package Size: 12 fl oz (354 mL)

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What Is Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Simple Syrup?

Wholesome Yum Sugar-Free Simple Syrup is the skinny sweetener for drinks that you’ve been waiting for! It sweetens your drinks naturally, with no aftertaste, no flavor (so you can customize to any flavor!), or artificial ingredients.

Our low carb simple syrup is sweetened with Besti, our best-selling monk fruit allulose blend natural sweetener. Each serving of syrup has:

✅ 0 grams net carbs

✅ 0 calories

✅ 0 glycemic index

Mojitos made with Keto Simple Syrup

Wholesome Yum Keto Simple Syrup makes easy, delicious sugar-free drinks you’ll make again and again!

Where To Buy Sugar-Free Simple Syrup

Wondering where to buy a skinny simple syrup that tastes great? Get this easy-to-use natural sweetener for drinks right here at Wholesome Yum Foods! Add it to your cart above and see for yourself how much it tastes like a regular sugar-based simple syrup.

Wholesome Yum Keto Simple Syrup Ingredients

We’ve combined clean, premium ingredients to bring you delicious flavor and sweetness for your favorite drinks. In fact, it’s a blend of just TWO ingredients.

Our keto simple syrup is simply a liquid form of our signature, best-selling Besti Monk Fruit Allulose Blend.

If you’ve ever tried liquid allulose, our simple syrup is just like that, but with monk fruit added to make it the same sweetness as a traditional simple syrup.

Why Use This Skinny Simple Syrup?

So, what makes these the best sugar-free simple syrup? Simple: the best taste + clean ingredients.

If that doesn’t convince you there are more reasons to buy keto simple syrup here. In addition to taste and texture, it ticks all the boxes for a healthier drink sweetener:

Keto friendly – Won’t kick you out of ketosis!

Diabetic friendly – Won’t spike blood sugar!

Clean ingredients – Nothing artificial!

Gluten free & grain free

Paleo friendly



Kid & pet friendly

Tooth friendly


…But unlike traditional simple syrup made with sugar, there is no blood sugar spike and crash, fat storage, or other negative effects of sugar.

What Does This Keto Simple Syrup Taste Like?

Here at Wholesome Yum, Maya develops each product, and our standards for taste and texture are extremely high. Wholesome Yum’s keto simple syrup tastes just like regular simple syrup – a clean, natural, just-like-sugar taste.

How To Make Keto Drinks With Our Syrup

Wondering how to make keto friendly drinks with our skinny simple syrup? It’s easy – use our syrup the same way you’d use a regular simple syrup in any drink recipe. If you don’t have a recipe, simply stir or shake the syrup with any drink you like.

TIP: Most people prefer 1-2 tablespoons of sugar-free simple syrup as a starting point. Adjust to your liking!

You can also use our keto simple syrup in recipes – it’s a great replacement for any liquid sweetener.

Wholesome Yum Keto Simple Syrup

Wholesome Yum Keto Simple Syrup

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Linda Lovett
Fantastic Syrup!

I add this to my homemade Keto Fraps - coffee, simple syrup, heavy whipping cream, sugar free chocolate chips, ice- and voila, the best low carb drink ever! Thank you for a perfect product.

Unlimited uses

I originally thought I would use Simple Syrup just in my coffee. Boy, was I wrong! I use it in my smoothies, my husband puts it on his fruit, I add it to black unsweetened ice tea, I even add it to a particular brand of keto yogurt that tastes bland to me. The best thing, there is NO after taste! I really enjoy not having to wait for it to dissolve in cold drinks, so it’s pretty much pour and go! I keep one bottle at home and one at the office. You won’t be disappointed and will find all types of ways to use it.

Kelly Miller

I don’t know how they do it, but they’re syrups are so good. I at first just bought the keto simple syrup and used it in my coffee. It was very good and I was very impressed. I myself am a BIG hazelnut lover lol but I was hesitant to try that one at first because I was afraid it might not come through for me. I was wrong, very wrong. The second time I made a purchase I bought again the simple syrup, the vanilla, and the hazelnut syrups. They’re so good. All of them! My husband and I love them! I was delighted to see all of the reviews before my very first purchase that their was indeed no aftertaste. After trying them myself, I’d love to echo the same. Next I definitely need to try they’re maple syrup!! 😋

Great substitute

I think this stuff is great. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not as sweet mixed into things that you would add sugar to, so maybe just add a little more or it won’t be as sweet. I like to use it to make whipped cream.

Sweet and satisfying

This syrup (along with the coffee syrups) are a great addition to my pantry.
I’ve made spicy margaritas, used in coffee, homemade ice cream. Anywhere you need sweetness that is instantly dissolved this is the stuff. What a treat! Thanks for developing this.

Rosemary Morretta
Great Swap For Sugar In My Morning Coffee

I’m not on a keto diet but I wanted to cut out the added sugar I piled into my morning coffee. This Keto Simple Syrup has no aftertaste like other sweeteners I’ve tried and using it doesn’t make me miss my sugar fix. It’s perfect for what I use it for. Have bought several times and will continue to be a favorite pantry item.

Nora Dummer
Love This

Perfect for adding to ice tea or any other recipe that needs that extra sweet taste I don’t miss sugar using this product or the wholesome monk fruit sweetener:)

Suzi Gartner
Keto Simple Syrup is the best!

I try very hard to restrict my daily sugar intake but I like my morning coffee to resemble coffee ice cream. First I switched to agave and then I found Wholesome and have now switched to the Keto Simple Syrup and it works perfectly. I’ll never go back! Very happy.

Angelique Stevens

Wow - this stuff is SO delicious!!!
I know that it's flavored with the monkfruit/allulose blend. But... its BETTER than the granulated blend. I'm not sure HOW that is! hahaha Because isn't it just that dissolved into water, and heated into a syrup?

No idea - but THIS is the best syrup ever!

Actually - sorry. the Keto Maple Syrup has tied with it. It's so so good - no aftertaste at all!

These have made my KETO experience WONDERFUL!! Because all the other "sugars" I've had - have an aftertaste. Like the cooling sensation of erythritol... yuck! Who wants that flavor in a baked treat?? not me!

But I am HOOKED on wholesome yum! hahaha

but I agree with the other commenter. I wish we could buy in bulk to save money! Because this stuff is just too good! hehehe

Thank you Maya for making my Keto life SO much happier!!!

angela c.
Excellent taste

I am a huge fan of Maya and her team. I haven’t gone wrong with any recipe. This syrup did not disappoint. I use it in my coffee. It tastes delicious with no aftertaste. The only disappointment was how long it took to receive it but that doesn’t change my star rating as the product is wonderful and as advertised.