Besti Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose

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Besti Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose

Meet the perfect blend of monk fruit extract and allulose, with the moisture, color and flavor of brown sugar. Besti natural brown sugar substitute tastes, bakes, browns, and dissolves just like brown sugar does, and produces very soft, moist baked goods with the perfect brown sugar aroma. This sugar free, keto brown sugar replaces real brown sugar 1-to-1, but has zero calories, zero net carbs, and zero glycemic index.

Use Besti Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener in place of brown sugar for cooking, baking and topping!

Package Size: 1 lb (454 g)

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  • Besti Brown Monk Fruit Allulose Blend in a bag.

    Besti Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose - 1 lb (454 g)

  • Granulated allulose front of bag.

    Wholesome Yum Allulose Sweetener - 1 lb (454 g)

  • Powdered allulose front of bag.

    Wholesome Yum Powdered Allulose Sweetener - 1 lb (454 g)


Why You’ll Love Our Brown Sugar Substitute

Besti Has All The Benefits of Using Brown Sugar…

Sweet like brown sugar – replaces brown sugar cup-for-cup!

Tastes like brown sugar – with the same flavor and aroma of brown sugar, and no aftertaste!

Bakes like brown sugar – use it anywhere you’d use brown sugar!

Moist like brown sugar – making it one of the best brown sugar substitutes!

Dissolves like brown sugar – unlike sugar alcohols!

Browns like sugar – unlike most sweeteners!

But unlike brown sugar, there are no calories, net carbs, blood sugar spike and crash (no effect on blood sugar levels), fat storage, tooth decay, or other adverse effects of sugar.

Besti has 0 calories and 0 grams net carbs per serving – perfect for a variety of healthy lifestyles!

Cinnamon roll made with Besti brown sugar substitute.

What Others Say About Besti Brown Monk Fruit Allulose Blend

Jeff V. Verified

Open a bag of real brown sugar, and take a deep whiff of that delicious molasses aroma. Then take a pinch. It feels a little like wet sand; only it sticks together. Now put it in your mouth and taste that same molasses flavor with a rich dark sweetness. I’d forgotten these experiences until I bought Besti Brown. I had a non-keto friend try it, and they agreed it is delicious. This is a direct, no-compromise replacement for brown sugar in anything and everything! I use it to make Kahlua and give it as a gift to everyone. And they love it!


“This is a direct, no-compromise replacement for brown sugar in anything and everything!”

Julie E. Verified

I really like the Besti Brown Monk Fruit Allulose Blend! It’s packable, just like regular brown sugar, and measures 1:1, so you can substitute it in any recipe that calls for brown sugar. I also love that you don’t have any “cooling” effect with it! This has become my go-to brown sugar substitute!


“This has become my go-to brown sugar substitute!”

L.T. Verified

I don’t notice any difference when using this versus the “bad” brown sugar! We LOVE peanut butter cookies that use just Besti Brown. They are fabulous with this wonderful sweetener!! No aftertaste and none of the sugar spikes. Thanks for a great product! I just shared this with my dental hygienist!


“I just shared this with my dental hygienist!”

Beth Verified

I’ve purchased the Brown Monk Fruit with Allulose twice and will continue to do so. Cinnamon rolls have become a must-have in my household since purchasing this. They taste just as good or even better than rolls made with granulated sugar without the calories. There’s absolutely no after-taste or upset stomach, which is a real bonus.


“There’s absolutely no after-taste or upset stomach.”

L.R. Verified

This brown sugar is great in baking recipes. I love the taste. It has a smooth, rich flavor that really adds to the recipe, and the aroma is heavenly. I use this now in all my recipes that call for brown sugar. Great product and fits perfectly with my low sugar dietary needs. Thanks for such a good product!


“The aroma is heavenly.”

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Missing Your Favorite Sweet Foods?

Besti Brown Sugar Substitute Tastes, Bakes, Browns, and Dissolves Just Like Brown Sugar!

Whether you are reducing your sugar intake, following a low carb lifestyle, or trying to lose weight, you don’t have to miss sweet foods and desserts anymore!

Use Besti Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener cup-for-cup to replace brown sugar in your favorite sweet recipes, including chocolate chip cookies, caramel sauce, cinnamon rolls, glazed meats or nuts, pecan pie, and more. It produces soft, moist baked goods.

Here at Wholesome Yum, Maya (our founder) develops each product, and our standards for taste and texture are extremely high. Many brown sugar substitutes have a chemical or bitter aftertaste, but our monk fruit sweetener has no aftertaste whatsoever. Unlike erythritol, it also does not have any cooling sensation.

In fact, Besti Brown tastes so much like brown sugar that we challenge you to tell the difference in your own blind taste test. The only difference is the granules are a bit finer.

Besti Brown is similar to light brown sugar, but can be a dark brown sugar replacement, too. Some people use honey, coconut sugar, or agave nectar as substitutes, but these are not sugar-free (they actually spike your blood sugar just as much as brown sugar does) — and they don’t have the same brown sugar flavor!

Unlike other keto brown sugar alternatives, Besti browns, caramelizes, and dissolves just like sugar does and has the same moisture content as brown sugar. No more gritty texture or dry baked goods!

Pecan pie made with Besti brown sugar replacement.
Deanie R. Verified

Besti Brown is absolutely the best on the market! I’ve tried other brown sugar substitutes, and they are just sitting in my pantry, going unused. I was raised in the South, and I love my pecan pie. I won’t make my pie with anything but Besti Brown because it helps give that gooey texture that’s a must. If I ever go back to a non-keto lifestyle, I’ll still continue to use this product. It’s better than the real thing!


“I’ve tried other brown sugar substitutes, and they are just sitting in my pantry, going unused.”

How Our Brown Sugar Substitute Compares

Wondering how Besti compares to other brown sugar substitutes and brown monk fruit sweeteners? There’s a big difference!

Other Brands
Tastes like brown sugar
With aftertaste or cooling effect
Moist like brown sugar
Bakes like brown sugar
Not in all cases
Dissolves like brown sugar
Caramelizes like brown sugar
No erythritol
Tummy friendly
Baked goods won't crystalize
0 calories 0 net carbs
Keto friendly
Not all brands
100% natural
Not all brands
Non-GMO Project certified
Not all brands
Leigh Verified

Allulose is the only natural sweetener whose taste I enjoy. There is no nasty aftertaste like with stevia or sucralose. I enjoy it in my coffee, iced tea, and hot tea. I mix it with lemon juice and add water and ice for a homemade lemonade that’s free of processed junk. I have also used it to make brownies and muffins- the result is deliciousness without the calories and harmful effects of sugar. Thank you, Wholesome Yum- you have a customer for life!


“Allulose is the only natural sweetener whose taste I enjoy. There is no nasty aftertaste like with stevia or sucralose.”

What’s Inside?

100% Natural Ingredients


Allulose is a natural sugar that we can’t metabolize [*], which means it tastes and acts like sugar without spiking our blood sugar. Found in fruit, maple syrup, and other plants, it’s 70% as sweet as sugar.

The name “allulose” sounds like glucose, fructose, lactose, and other sugar names, because it’s in the same family. But unlike these sugars, we can’t process allulose, which means it has zero calories and zero net carbs.

Monk Fruit Extract

Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, is a small Asian melon that has been used by Buddhist monks and in Chinese medicine for centuries. Monk fruit extract is derived by crushing the fruit, then drying the juice into a concentrated powder that has no calories, carbs, or sugar.

Different brands of monk fruit extract come with different levels of Mogroside V, which affects how sweet they are and whether they have any aftertaste. Our monk fruit extract is the highest grade, with 50% Mogroside V and NO aftertaste.

Vegetable Glycerin

This ingredient gives Besti the same moisture that brown sugar has, and the one we use is sustainably sourced.

Natural Flavors

These deliver the flavor and color of brown sugar.

We Don’t Cut Corners With Our Ingredients

You’ll never find artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners (like sucralose or aspartame), sugar alcohols (like erythritol or sorbitol), or artificial flavors or colors (like caramel color) in our products.

Nutritional facts panel for Besti Brown Monk Fruit Allulose Blend.

Having Digestive Issues With Other Brown Sweeteners?

Our Brown Monk Fruit Allulose Blend Is Gentle On Stomachs

Wholesome Yum products, including Besti Brown, are sweetened only with monk fruit and allulose — NEVER sugar alcohols!

Unlike other sweeteners that don’t metabolize in our digestive systems (such as sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners), Besti sugar free brown sugar is the only zero-calorie brown sugar substitute that won’t cause digestive distress — all while tasting just like sugar.

Debo C. Verified

I liked everything about this sweetener! The texture was moist. The flavor was delightful. It didn’t cause digestive upset for me as erythritol sometimes does. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a low carb brown sugar.


“It didn’t cause digestive upset for me.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Angela M

I waited impatiently for Besti Brown, and boy, was it worth the wait! Of the brown sugar substitutes I’ve tried, none come close to this one. The flavor and aroma are spot-on, giving my baked goodies a lovely fall taste. Besti Brown tastes like brown sugar, measures like brown sugar, is moist like brown sugar—without the carbs and without the glucose spike. It’s perfect for keto folks like me, for diabetics like my husband, and for non-keto friends and family who don’t notice they’re eating something sugar free.

Maya, you’ve created a real masterpiece with Besti Brown. With ALL Besti products, TBH, but this one is my favorite 😍 Thank you for all you do to make our keto lifestyle so easy!

Marsha L
Best Brown Sugar Replacement Out There

I've tried other brown sugar replacements and they all leave my recipes tasting funky, with that weird aftertaste. Not this one. I trusted $45 worth of short ribs to this product and it didn't disappoint. I'm spoiled now! Thank you for creating this!

Carrie Reichenthal
Holy Grail

I can't thank you enough for making such a perfect sugar alternative! I eat this almost every day -- I add it to my oatmeal and also to plain yogurt with berries. It tastes amazing and doesn't hurt my stomach. Also it doesn't have a weird aftertaste like some other alternative sweeteners. Looks and smells just like brown sugar (maybe a little maple-y) and I haven't baked with it yet, but it is definitely the BEST!

I only wish this website was a little less spammy...

Helene J. McNally
Prefer Monk Fruit with Erythritol (Brown)

The flavor is good, but when I made the cookies with it, they were too soft and I ended up throwing them out. I really prefer my cookies on the crisper side not soft like they are if I use the allulose version. When you come out with the brown version using erythritol, I will definitely buy that version. I thought about putting them in the toaster oven but I figured they would probably burn first!

Hi Helene, You're right, Besti Brown tends to make soft cookies. We understand that's not for everyone, so we do have plain erythritol as well if that's your preference.

Mary T.
Cookies wouldn’t crisp

The flavour is nice but my cookies were so soft I could literally roll them up. They have coconut in them and are more like a chewy macaroon. I make these cookies all the time and the only thing I changed in my recipe was used Besti instead of swerve. My recipe calls for brown and granulated so I made them again, this time using swerve granular and Besti brown sugar. Still, limp, chewy cookies that bend when you pick them up. This is even the next day so not a cooling issue. Not sure what I’ll do with the 3 pack of brown, granular and powdered. Going to try ice cream, perhaps it will help keep my ice cream a little softer. Disappointed as I ruined 2 batches of cookies.