Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose – Crystallized

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Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose – Crystallized

Meet the perfect blend of monk fruit extract and allulose. This natural sugar replacement tastes, bakes, browns, and dissolves just like sugar does, and produces very soft, moist baked goods. Besti natural sweetener replaces sugar 1-to-1, but has zero calories, zero net carbs, and zero glycemic index.

Use Besti monk fruit sweetener in place of granulated sugar for cooking, baking and topping!

Package Size: 1 lb (454 g)

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What Is Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener?

Besti monk fruit sweetener is the ideal blend of monk fruit extract and allulose. It replaces sugar cup-for-cup and has:

✅ Zero calories

✅ Zero grams net carbs

✅ Zero glycemic index

Besti monk fruit sweetener is the perfect natural sweetener and sugar replacement!

What Is Besti?

Besti is Wholesome Yum’s line of natural, sugar-free sweeteners – they are Nature’s Sugar Replacement. We carry premium, non-GMO pure erythritol and allulose, as well as our signature Besti monk fruit blends with erythritol or allulose, for easy 1:1 sugar alternatives in granulated and powdered form.

What Is Monk Fruit Extract?

Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, is a small Asian melon that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Monk fruit extract is derived by crushing the fruit, then drying the juice into a concentrated powder that has no calories, carbs or sugar.

Monk fruit extract is extremely sweet, which comes from an antioxidant in the fruit called Mogroside V. It’s very concentrated (between 150 and 400 times as sweet as sugar!), so we combine it with allulose to make a 1:1 sugar replacement.

Different brands of monk fruit extract come with different levels of Mogroside V, which affects how sweet they are and whether they have any aftertaste. Our monk fruit extract is the highest grade, with 50% Mogroside V and NO aftertaste.

What Is Allulose?

Allulose is a natural sugar that we can’t metabolize [*], which means it tastes and acts like sugar without spiking our blood sugar. Found in fruit, maple syrup and other plants, it’s 70% as sweet as sugar.

The name “allulose” sounds like glucose, fructose, lactose, and other sugar names, because it’s in the same family. But unlike these sugars, we can’t process allulose, which means it has zero calories and zero net carbs.

Why Use Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose?

Besti is nature’s sugar replacement. It has all the benefits of using sugar…

Sweet like sugar – replaces sugar cup-for-cup!

Tastes like sugar – with no aftertaste!

Bakes like sugar

Dissolves like sugarunlike sugar alcohols!

Browns like sugarunlike most sweeteners!

Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies Made With Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener

…But unlike sugar, there is no blood sugar spike and crash, fat storage, tooth decay, or other negative effects of sugar.

What Does Besti Taste Like?

Besti monk fruit sweetener tastes exactly like sugar! The allulose in it is in fact a rare type of sugar (minus the carbs and calories), and the monk fruit extract increases sweetness to match sugar. With 50% Mogroside V, there is no aftertaste whatsoever. In fact, we challenge you to tell the difference between Besti and sugar in your own blind taste test.

Many sugar alternatives have a chemical or bitter aftertaste, but our monk fruit sweetener does not. Unlike erythritol, it also does not have any cooling sensation.

Is Besti A Good Sugar Replacement For Me?

Yes, Besti is a versatile natural sugar replacement for everyone! Whether you are trying to cut carbs, lose weight, or simply reducing sugar intake, our monk fruit sweetener is an excellent sugar-free sugar alternative to use.

In addition to taste and texture, our monk fruit sweetener ticks all the boxes for a healthier sugar replacement:

Keto friendly – won’t kick you out of ketosis!

Diabetic friendly – won’t spike blood sugar!

Paleo friendly



Kid & pet friendly

Tooth friendly

Anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory [*, *]

Supports fat loss & stable blood sugar [*, *]

Does not cause GI distress – great alternative to sugar alcohols!

How To Use Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener

Use Besti sweetener to replace granulated sugar in your favorite sweet recipes, including desserts, baked goods, drinks, sauces, and more!

It tastes, bakes, browns, and dissolves the same way sugar does.
Cup conversion for Besti sweetener

Crystallized Besti monk fruit sweetener has a slightly finer consistency than granulated sugar, but you can still use it the same way you would use granulated sugar.

Besti monk fruit with allulose produces very soft baked goods, which is great for cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, and most other uses for a sugar replacement. Here are some alternatives for other uses:

Because Besti monk fruit sweetener is the same sweetness as sugar, you can replace sugar with Besti cup-for-cup:

How To Choose The Best Sugar Replacement

Use the chart below to compare Besti sweeteners and choose the one that’s best for your needs, or get them all to have a sweetener for every occasion!

Monk Fruit Allulose Blend
Monk Fruit Erythritol Blend
Type Extract & rare sugar blend Extract & sugar alcohol blend Rare sugar Sugar alcohol
Sweetness 1:1 with sugar 1:1 with sugar 70% as sweet as sugar 70% as sweet as sugar
Tastes like sugar
Aftertaste None Possible mild cooling sensation None Possible mild cooling sensation
Bakes like sugar
Dissolves like sugar
Crisps up like sugar
Browns like sugar
Keto friendly
Sourced from plants
Best uses

Crystallized: Very soft or moist baked goods.


Powdered: Extra creamy frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Granulated: Crispy or soft baked goods.


Powdered: Frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Crystallized: Very soft or moist baked goods.


Powdered: Extra creamy frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Granulated: Crispy or soft baked goods.


Powdered: Frosting, sauce, glaze, dressing, and sprinkling


Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose – Crystallized

Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose - Granulated - Front

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Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews

First off, when I had a question on which sweetener to buy, Maya quickly responded and educated me about my misinformation (Thanks again, Maya!). I am extremely sensitive to erythritol, so I was about to give up on sweets. Fortunately, I found Besti! I ordered both the Monk Fruit + Allulose Blend (crystallized and powered), so when my package arrived, I dashed into the kitchen to make lemon bars. Holy moly, I could not tell it wasn't made with real sugar, and they were divine. No aftertaste whatsoever! I've also made snickerdoodles since, and although the flavor is phenomenal, I believe allulose results in baked goods that are extra soft and tender, so if you're looking for crispy or crunchy textures, allulose is not your go to. I guess I will just have to use the Monk Fruit + Erythritol Blend on recipes where crunch matters. But next stop, cinnamon rolls! I'm certain the Monk Fruit + Allulose Blend will be perfect for them. Can't wait!


This is hands down the best sweetener I have used. In my LCHF lifestyle I feel like I have tried every sweetener under the sun. My parents want to hire me as their healthy dessert maker and my kids like my sugar free treats better than regular sugar desserts. This sweetener makes low carb living an actual lifestyle. I didn’t think it was possible, but trust me. It is!

Mary S
Better than any sweetener i’ve ever tried!

I have tried every non sugar sweetener option out there and have FINALLY found one i can continue to use. I can’t tolerate the aftertaste that is present every other product i’ve tried, but Besti is amazing. I can use it in anything i normally use sugar in and can’t taste the difference. This is the first product that TRULY has no after taste. Not even in my coffee or sweet tea! I have since ordered several other Besti products and have not been disappointed by any of them. I would HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone trying to cut sugar from there diet without sacrificing taste! It really is amazing!


I don't have to worry using the Besti brand sweeteners! Ice cream, cakes, and pies look great and taste delicious! I'm waiting for a brown sugar blend!

Isabel Berkowitz
Great product

I am so thankful for this product for baking! I have used other sweeteners and ran into the problem of the “cooling” sensation that you get with some of the other sweetness. I have not had the issue with this sweetener! I love that this is a blend too - I’ve tried the sweeteners individually and still had the problem, but in the blend it fixes all the issues!
Cookies were the worst for me and I was really missing them since on keto, but now I can enjoy them again! Today I made peanut butter and snickerdoodle cookies and they were both phenomenal and there was no cooling effect after they cooled down! So wonderful! Thank you so much for this product! I am excited to try some of your other products now!
Your products make keto baking fun again!

Stephanie Quintanar
Best Sugar Replacement Ever

I have tried every sugar replacement in the grocery stores and never liked any of them, especially the ones with the weird cooling aftertaste. Well, Besti has been a life changer as it really does taste just like sugar. I can finally enjoy some of my favorite sweet treats and not worry about blood sugar spikes!

Gina Evans
The Best Sweeteners

Wholesome Yum’s Besti Crystallized Monk Fruit with Allulose blend has been most helpful to my keto success. I can’t tolerate any kind of sugar alcohol or blend that includes it, so I was really excited to learn about Besti. I ordered a bag to sample it, and it did not disappoint! I used it in my coffee—the ultimate test for me—and the taste was excellent, with no aftertaste like artificial sweeteners have. I love that it measures 1:1 like sugar, so substitutions are easy. I’ve used the Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener with Allulose – Crystallized as a sugar substitute in a wide variety of foods, from dressings to desserts, with first-rate results. I made a pie at Christmas time that my whole family loved and ate, requesting that I add it to every year’s holiday menu. I’ve had equally good luck with the Besti Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose – Powdered and Besti Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener With Allulose varieties. I signed up for the subscription orders and couldn’t be happier with the products!

Leigh Benigni
I can enjoy sweets without the sugar!

Allulose is the only natural sweetener whose taste I enjoy. There is no nasty aftertaste like with stevia or sucralose. I enjoy it in my coffee, iced tea and hot tea. I mix it with lemon juice and add water and ice for a homemade lemonade that's free of processed junk. I have also used it to make brownies and muffins- the result is deliciousness without the calories and harmful effects of sugar. Thank you Wholesome Yum- you have a customer for life!

Corrie Oyinloye

I made cheese cake with this using the no bake Cheesecake recipe from Wholesome Yum for Thanksgiving. No one believed me it was keto cheese cake! They all want it again at Christmas. No aftertaste!

Joelle R Baxter

Works just like sugar! Tastes amazing in baked goods